The latest Alan Wake II update presents a new version of NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction, which seems to make significant improvements to the only game supporting it, Cyberpunk 2077.

Version, which can be found in the Alan Wake II files after updating the game to the latest version or here, significantly improves Cyberpunk 2077, since it reduces the problems with the halo and flicker, although some of them are still preserved.

As mentioned above, only Alan Wake II and Cyberpunk 2077 are currently supporting the NVIDIA DLSS RAY Reconstruction, and the latter only with the Path Tracing Overdrive mode included, but in the future this technology will be supported by other games. There are rumors that the Nintendo Switch 2 also supports this technology, which makes it console with the best possibilities of tracing rays, which is not so surprising, given how AMD is lagging behind Nvidia in this regard.

Unlike another important DLSS 3 function, frames generation, rays reconstruction can also be used with graphic processors of the RTX 2000 and 3000 series.

This is such a Monday joke!)) something I point blank I do not see quality 1080. Video 480 I still understand, but not 1080

With this quality of the video, I did not see anything at all.

The most joke that the reconstruction can also be turned on in the usual mode of reiteraining, I do not understand why the outfits are not allowed to do this in the settings

To sell cards, obviously

Yes, I also turned on and it works, but there is a problem – it sees FPS by about 5 although they promised the opposite the increase in personnel.

Why do I need 2070 super rays without frame generation? Okay, the tops of the 20th and 30th series, they can and can. INRENDIDARY IS OF THE OFFICE.

The strangest thing is that reconstruction of rays can work without Path Tracing, but in cyberpan is blocked, although through the Ini you can unlock. I don’t understand why they don’t allow this to include this in the options? Well, in fact, another question, and where is the promised fsr 3? )

and how to write in the initial. What line is there?

So the FSR came out, another moment that the generation is still testing

They promised FSR 3.0 with generation right in Cyberpanka itself in the options, but it was not and not. But it would be interesting to test, although I prefer DLSS.

Well, where to throw this file, just in the cyberpan folder?

Cyberpunk 2077 \ bin \ x64.Only before that save the original file.

What the difference did not notice than before.And Vidyukha seems to be stronger.I’ll be replaced back

Graphic settings pulled out as shown in the video?

Well, it seems that it has changed, the glare of color appeared.Only a dick Creating DLSS personnel is not active for me, in the video it was included in the video.Okay will go)

It is only active if you have a series of the 4th series

I did not have such highlights at 4080.

In 4K with DLSS, even the balance of the difference with Nativa is not just, but in some points even better Nativa

I do not argue, in 4K dLSS looks good. But DLSS also shakes textures (anisotropic filtration), shadows and probably a lot of optimizes. So even theoretically Dlss is no better than Native. for now.

Why are you dizulak, run the native and run the dlss in 4k. Native 4k looks better.

It’s like with a glass, when compared by the National 1080p and Dlss Productive 4K, but the second option is simply not in the quality of quality will not go with the usual ful xD. And there will be plus minus the same fps, with Dlss obviously a little less. But for some reason everyone is compared with the Native 4K and as if they forget why this function is at all, not to make the picture better, but to increase productivity at the cost of quality, and in this regard it is quite adequate exchange in terms of quality loss – growth of FPS.

Specifically in the Cyberpunk 2077, National 1080p looks worse than 2k with DLSS performance.

I only wrote about 4K, why do you write to me about 1080 – I don’t understand

What is the habit of filling a video with such a low resolution. It is not even clear whether glasses are needed before viewing, or definitely, after you will need.

Someone said that when inserting the link to Utab, the PG itself converts the video.

I suppose this is done so that traffic does not get on third -party resources, t.To. on the PG advertising heap. And statistically, if you switched to Utab, then a high chance is that you will not return here anymore.

All this, the grunt, has become even stronger than the gang!

Shitty, Gousting is very noticeable on pt + RR, but there is no fix. As I understand it, this is the Side Effect from the work of Denizer

The most important problem for me on Path tracing with reconstruction of rays is a very strong Gousting. I did not even see such Gousting on the release, although even then I played with DLSS, which in the early versions also sinned by a noticeable Gousting. And I have not done any comparisons of the native with DLSS at all, but the daub from the NPC with PT + RR moves strongly in my eyes. You don’t notice the movement particularly in the movement, but when you conduct a dialogue with someone, in the background you can often see inaccuations that distort the space with the movement of the head)

This is a side effect of reconstruction, then I opened it

Without reconstruction, not that. Then the trace of the path to cut down and play only on the trace of rays, but so far it seems to me that improved lighting is worth it

Yes it really became better on RTX 4080 . In fps, also in 2k, all in a max of dls quality of the beam vcl everything . Personnel Generation of Saching 98 67 FPS

And Gousting has become less noticeable?

It is strange that despite the last update (1.12) my file nvngx_dlss weighs 51.2 and version, Drivers Nvidia 545.92. Or you still need to install the latest drivers ?

UPD . I have already three files in the NVNGX_DLSS folder, two of them versions 3.5.0 and one 3.5.10 . So it should be?

I play Windows 10 Pro and on the rutrexer saw a discussion of this parameter inclusion of the graphic processor planning mode. I had it turned off all this time and what does this fuccation give ? Is it worth activating it or not ?

The reconstruction of rays is not active. Map 4080 All drivers are the last.

I did that..4070TI was also not actively, although tracing was turned on and all that.

now shows in the menu what is actively, and in reality you can see

What’s happened "halo" And "flicker" In Cyberskrak? What is meant under these and what can be seen at 160r 15 fps video?

So on the video card by age with the g*VNO mammoth, it does not work.

What minimum vidyuhu is necessary so that the vidos is at least in 1080r and a comparison appears in it "flickering" And "halo" and after?

Minimum from the RTX series

I did not know that for a comfortable surfing Internet in the browser I needed a minimum of RTH vidyuha

And where is the browser and surfing? We seemed to be talking about Dlss and Cyberpank.

Soap experts gathered)) Now they will tell you in what resolution the soap is, but in which it is not, haha. You can summarize all the comments in different sources – who has any resolution, there is no soap))) and who has soap in FHD, he does not know what DLDSR is in the driver, and how to display a higher resolution of CD to his low resolution monitor.

Recently, someone was throwing a video about what resolution and density of pixels should be on the screen so that the eyes do not distinguish any image artifacts (people with a vision of 100+%). For the optimal game screen 32" ,16: 9 from a distance of about 80 cm, the resolution should be approximately 12k (11520 x 6480), then all sorts of crutches, such as smoothing aliasing, the density of pixels will not be used more than 400 per inch,. And another very important (most important) moment is the frequency of personnel! About 60 FPS is a trash! This is a twitching image. Who used to play at 30-40 FPS, for that 60 is super! And who plays 120+ FPS, he will never want 60 frames! But 120-180 FPS does not mean that the eyes and brain do not see ruptures of the dynamic image, so the frame rate must also be increased to the level of insoluble artifacts, and this frequency is above 1000 FPS! Therefore, you all have soap and continuous artifacts: D is simple, someone has a little more noticeable because of their vision, and someone has a little less. But playing 4K at 40-60 FPS is horror!

And what games you play in 120, if not one AAA gives out so much? Or you run on minimals with DLSS?

2K, CP2077 In the test medium fps shows 155, at least 67, maximum 185. I play and do not worry, everything is beautiful, everything is smooth, DLSS is turned on and all the rays. I don’t understand why bother with all sorts of formulas and files. Play and enjoy. The rest does not care.

Ahahahah, you have 67 FPS in fact, and then probably dishonest clown. Everything is clear with you, you can no longer write

how honest from dishonest differs? I wrote to you – the game goes smoothly, no twitch. I like.

The main thing is that the player is satisfied with the picture and smoothness! I support you by all 150% and do not care what real shots are there or not 🤣🤣🤣

There were no shimming at 30xx, this was the problem of 40xx cards. Well, MB is still cheap slag of some kind.

And Dlss does not wash, but improves, we believe

DLSS soaps only in low resolutions. There is no soap in high soap.

In 3440×1440, there is no soap with DLSS, only an increase in fps =)

Depends on the implementation in the game. In Ancharted 4, for example, with such a resolution of the texture are washed. Solved by Apskayl up to 4k through DSR, then even in the preset dlss "performance" Everything is clearly

In the remake of Santa Spaces, the same (or even a more serious problem), it is partially solved by setting through Nvidiaprofler

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