The Elder Scrolls 6 can be the last game in the fantasy series, which Todd Howard does, said Bethesda boss. In an interview with IGN in front of Starfield Direct, 52-year-old Howard talked about how long it takes Bethesda Game Studios to create his games.

Starfield is the first new intellectual property of Bethesda Game Studios for more than 25 years and the first major release since Fallout 4 eight years ago in 2015.

Although since then, Bethesda Game Studios has become more, she has four studios (in Rockville, Montreal, Austine and Dallas) and contracts with numerous partners have been concluded, but this extension will not necessarily accelerate the development, insists Howard.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced in 2018 with teaser videos below. Howard confirmed that she would follow Starfield, although the release window has not yet been announced.

In an interview with IGN in 2022, Howard said that Fallout 5 would be the next game Bethesda Game Studios after The Elder Scrolls 6, but he specified this comment now: saying now: "She [Fallout 5] will clearly be after Elder Scrolls 6 at some point. At some point in the future".

Obviously, the development of Bethesda Game Studios games takes many years, which Howard has been lamented in the past. But he insists that the most important thing is to give these games the necessary time, indicating that the long gaps between the release of games such as Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar do not have a negative impact on their series.

"I think Half-Life 3 is suitable, right?" Howard said. "So, even if at the moment I think how to bring it closer to reality today, because I want to play it, these gaps, these are still evergreen franchises that, I think, when they appear, the whole thing is that the whole thing is that Do everything right".

"I want to be faster, but speed is not a goal".

In this context, as well as taking into account the planned long -term support of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, Howard began to think about how many games he still has left.

So our ability, as we have already said, support Starfield. While in the old days you released the game, and then moved to its continuation, now we can support this game for a much longer period of time, which is our plan.

And then, when we consider Elder Scrolls 6, this is the case when. I probably shouldn’t say that. But if you count, then I do not become younger. How long people have played Elder Scrolls? Perhaps this will be my last game. I don’t know.

Judging by how Bethesda complies with the development time, The Elder Scrolls 6 can completely miss the current generation of consoles. It seems that everything that Bethesda Game Studios will release after The Elder Scrolls 6, whether Fallout 5 or something else will go to the next generation Microsoft console. And after that? If we assume that Bethesda Game Studios intends to release the game The Elder Scrolls 7, then perhaps it will be released in 20 years.