The Mechanics VoiceOverd studio conducted a special stream dedicated to the English voice acting of the space horror The Callisto Protocol. Attention, it contains many plot spoilers!

This is a beta test, t.e. some mistakes and inaccuracies can come up, the broadcast has passed on the YouTube channel "Announcer Evgeny Palych".

The English voice acting The Callisto Protocol will be released immediately for the main game and for the plot addition of Final Transmission. The exact date is not yet called, but according to the authors, the release "very soon".

It’s time to roll out a tablet into the light of God 😁

It’s time to roll out of God.

Not bad, not at all bad, cool)

where Dead Space, Blate!?

In general, when the thread comes out, or it is the same mythical voice acting as that of Dead Space (and yes, I am aware that this is another studio, we are not talking about the studio, learn to read and think when reading).

This group has no voice acting on A Plague a Tale as it won’t work. Plus the resident Ivel 6, as for three years, can not go out, they can’t give birth to this project. And there they ordered these two games sponsor.

Plag Tale from Voisis went out, though I have more familiar to me from another studio after the first part, the rubber band 6 has the same voice acting and so it is.

Resident 6 has a dubbing voice acting? Where? Which group? Mechanics have been doing dubbing for a resident of Ivel 6 for a long time. They made half. Not how they could not do the whole game for three years already.

The voice acting Santa Space is made by some morons, there everyone is not clear that they would come out in August and now they shout that technical trabes will be released in general next year. Calisto is a completely different matter, Beta test began to check whether there are any shortcomings to correct and fit everything to the release, and then at least they are shown in dubbing, then it will come out in the last days of this month if everything is fine, then the grandfather spaces and then besides empty There is nothing more from the last news.

There is a complete clowning. I talked with Cyril who was given so that all the parts of the resident were voiced, he is a sponsor and reported on the work processes in front of him, so the 6th resident at first seemed to be fine and then they calmed down and the most important thing was even threw Cyril, a group of mechanics.

I am waiting for both voice acts. For grandfather with spice and forge under the protocol. Both games are norms. Not to worry)

Also, I don’t understand what many came up with a calisto game Bombic not almost worse than the grandfather of Spaces) I’m waiting for the voice acting and I will recall into the chopp !

Do not listen to Dolbo. play enjoy good games

I do his opinion on everyone ! I always check the game myself, it comes in playing no means no)

With these guys I begin to feel like an audio jacket, I listen to everything from the side, but I myself can’t feel it myself. Hello, at least something of the promised can already roll out, guys.

beta test is certainly good, but when it can be downloaded?

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Dimas, in November release.

Waiting for the weather by the sea

The owner needs more gold.

I am waiting for GTA Vaisity full voice acting stream)

Very good! I am waiting!

It is not interesting, the game is already passed with all the DLC, although you can try the new game+mode+, but I don’t practice this

I agree with the subtitles of the game can be held, for example, I love the original voice acting in English

I love when everything is in the language that I understand, it’s just too late, the okha is not bad, but everyone who wanted to have already passed.

I took place last December and already forgotten, with a voice acting, it is quite possible to double.

The fact that I agree with this I agree

The game was already distributed for free in PS+ ! And in a PC, voice acting will be released when they distribute it for free or in Steam for $ 1 will sell. Actually, like the rest of the operating rooms, if the people do not forget. It’s good that they are reminded here;) We are waiting.

I went to the PS5, I have to take it on the PC) Thank you mechanics

But only after Dualsensa’s high chips, there will be no same sensations on the PC . Eh.

how it will come out right away I will recall the plot and then add -ons !

Gift for the holidays, we are waiting for a mock

Well, excellent I just haven’t passed the game yet 😂😂😂 I bought but did not pass as with Hogwarts Legacy 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I’m waiting for a voice acting

Type under the pine. Like, we are second -rate for them?Also ?Or I’m wrong.Who is now interested in this slag after that?

So within a week it can already be released.

The bottom knocked)

The game has already passed, groomed and forgotten. Who else is going to play in this feces in a colorful wrap?

The game is not calico, but just a good thing, much better than Dead Space

I’m going to play when the great and powerful English voice acting. This game is much better than the Dead Space remake, in my opinion.

I agree. In Steam in the region, Turkey was a discount on EA Play for 8 lires about 25 rubles, I decided to take to try the remake of Santa Space. And so, I will say this complete disappointment, the characters were mutilated, the agenda rushes throughout Ishimura with LGBT toilets, the side of the side is so then you need to run the lobboxes, cut the waves of necromorphs where they were implied, and the most important minus you feel the whole emptiness. But Calisto rushed me, with all the shortcomings and minuses there is a highlight in it, the characters are normal and without any agenda with LGBT, but the most important thing is the atmosphere, it is gorgeous, you just hold the whole game in stress. The only thing in Calisto Gempley was a little disappointed, I directly blocked the first half of the game, and then at the end of the game from monotony, the fighters began to bother, but I all liked it all the same and I look forward to the English voice acting to refill.

It remains to understand why at all for this echoing the homeless you need voice acting

Who are these people who really are waiting for English voice acting for this game?More than.