The authors of the cooperative surviva Tribes of Midgard celebrate the second anniversary of the project and offer to plunge into the celebration with a temporary event and a fresh patoche. The update includes a number of long -awaited functions, as well as new decorative objects, refinement of the construction system and improvement of villages and sanctuaries.

The main feature of the anniversary event will be festive tests available now. Three unique tests are expected players that can be passed to receive exclusive awards, including feathered anniversary portraits and currency for the purchase of decorative objects. All tests are available only on certain dates – from July 31 to August 20:

  • First test (July 31 – August 6). Won 80 Petukhi goblins. Award: 250 platinum coins.
  • Second test (August 7–13). Won 30 roosters. Award: Exclusive Portrait “Great Kuroles”.
  • Third test (August 14–20). Won 40 non-fluid-pens. Award: 250 platinum coins.

Speaking about personalization, now players can save up to 8 fully customized cosmetic sets of equipment, which include the appearance of the character, new transport, pets, armor and weapons. Each viking can choose its own unique style and change it depending on the situation.

In addition, adventurers will receive free-and-spinning rings named Tru, who will brighten up even the most difficult and gloomy travels. In addition to this, the developers represent new multi -texture appearance for heroes. You can find out even more details about the update from the official patch-liner on the page in Steam.

There are good news for Steam Deck owners. The developers of Tribes of Midgard said their project has passed the full verification of Valve, so now the game is perfectly optimized by the portable console.