The director of Tekken 8 Katsuhira Harada did not fail to speak to one of those who did not like the game in the closed testing stage work on his computer.

Having received a tweet from one person who, apparently, tested the game on PC, with words "Your game is full" Together with the screenshot of the game, which showed a message about the error, Mr. Harad published a response that caused a great resonance. "I am sure that these words are applicable to your PC", – He put it concisely. After Harada’s tweet, a long series of messages followed in support of the creator of the game: from congratulations on his witty answer to requests to provide additional codes for closed testing.

Under the tweet of Harada, a long series of messages followed in support of the creator of the game: from congratulations on his such witty answer to requests to send additional codes for closed testing and even a humorous image of potatoes with various computer details protruding from it.

If you discard the jokes, then the communication of Harada with the game community seems to have been really useful over the past two weeks: he and the testers openly talked on Twitter to find out possible errors in the anticipation of Tekken 8 output. However, not all answers were of this level: Harada talked with many players around the world about the stability of online matches between players from different countries and from different continents, and even expressed surprise that one player from England praised him for how good The game shows itself in matches with users from North America and Asia.

Currently, there is a second closed network testing of the upcoming wining, for players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC which will end on July 31. The first testing, in which only PlayStation 5 users participated, took place from July 21 to 24. Since the launch of the first test, Harada actively talked on social networks, telling players about how to achieve maximum performance from the current test assembly of the game, and answering questions of fans of a long -standing series.

At the moment, the release date of Tekken 8 has not been determined, but, according to most assumptions, the release will take place in 2024.