Taleworlds Entertainment has just released two updates for Mount role sandbox & Blade 2: Bannerlord. First 1.1.5 Small, aimed at correcting Krasha and errors. But the second is 1.2.0 – huge, with dozens of notes.

Speaking in more detail, it makes a bunch of balances, error corrections, improves the interface, craft and performance of the game.

As for the new content:

  • 6 new places for battles were added-to the west of the reel, southwest of Kubi, three areas to the northeast of Razikh and one around the city of Okhokhk.
  • Several new quests have been added and old.
  • A total of 4 new scenes of shelter of bandits for the desert, forest, sea coast and mountains are added in total.
  • Added 11 new kinf.
  • Added new images for the lane menu.
  • Statical colors of fabric, located on the 61 element of armor are changed, on heraldic (the color used now depends on the color of the fraction).
  • Minor improvements were made for various scenes of the city and castle (including global lighting).
  • Weather and weather effects have been introduced.
  • Now rain and snow can appear both on the campaign map and in missions depending on the time of year in a particular region. As a result, the earth becomes wet or snowy and remains for some time even after the precipitation leaves.

Campaign map effects:

  • Wet/snowy lands reduce the bonus components of the speed of equestrian infantry and cavalry to the speed of the party by 30%.
  • Wet/snowy land double the preparation time for the siege.

Location effects:

  • Wet/snowy lands reduce the maximum speed of equestrian infantrymen and acceleration of equestrian infantrymen by 15%.
  • Active rain or snow reduces the speed of arrows and bolts by 20%, which leads to a decrease in damage and accuracy.
  • Updated icons of the cities of some, Khubyar, Kasira and the sanal, so that they look like their analogues in missions.

Warehouses are introduced:

  • This function expands the existing mechanics of the workshops and seeks to provide you with a new game cycle of trade – the ability to supply your workshops with raw materials, as well as take processed goods from them.
  • Warehouses are storages with a limited reserve volume where you can add any items. They are available through the city menu. Warehous control can be carried out through the screen "Clan" On the tab "Other". Here you can determine whether the workshop should use the starting materials provided by you manually, and how many weekends it should store or sell directly on the market.
  • Workshops can now be bought only directly from noble people. Various dialogs associated with masterful.

Multiplayer did not stand aside either. In addition to the next corrections of errors and improvement of balance, it was added:

  • 37 new icons of perks and some existing icons have been changed.
  • "Tounds" – These are animations with which you can express yourself, for example, to show disappointment, bow, give up. In total, 32 different animations can be purchased by receiving them in weapons. They are divided into categories depending on weapons with which they can be used. Not every animation works with each type of equipment.

This is only a small part of what managed to hook with an eye, full of notes to a patch are available here.