The Japanese publication Famitsu has recently published fresh data on the number of gaming equipment sold in the country and software.

The most significant of these data is that the last part of the Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince franchise was dispersed by more than 510,447 physical copies in only one Japan. In addition, these data were collected for the period from November 27, 2023 to December 31, 2023. During this period, The Dark Prince became the best -selling game in Japan, overtaking Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

It was previously confirmed that during its debut, the game diverged more than 300,000 copies in Japan. Official data on how it was sold in the West, there is no.

In the game Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, the main character, the half -man psaro, was cursed by the ruler of the kingdom of monsters Nadia, also known as his father, which made the young man incapable of harm to any creature whose veins flows the blood of monsters.

To challenge fate, Psaro becomes a hunter for monsters and collects an impressive army of monsters in search of revenge. In addition, he will have new allies, including the elf Rose and the mysterious Toylen Trab.

Eight party members will participate in the battle, four of which are active, and four more are in reserve. In addition, you can manually manage the actions of the monsters each move or set a predetermined tactics so that it solves it, for example "Do not show mercy" or "Focus on healing".

In battle, monsters can fall into a state of rabies, generated by despair in heavy scenarios, which allows you to apply more damage and give additional chances of performing the action. Players also await the merger of monsters and several seasonal environment, in each of which their creatures live.

The game Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince is already available on Nintendo Switch worldwide.