The Korean company Blackstorm introduced the Project XT, the new MMORPG, developed on the Unreal Engine 5 engine and differing in stylized graphics. The authors revealed the first details about the game, which is planned to be released on a PC.

Blacstorm describes the Project XT as a mmorpg that combines PVPVE and puts us in the place of nectors, "new breed of people", endowed with certain superpowers. The main characters, whose stories we will follow, can manipulate earth, electricity, space under the name "A-Space", blood, shadows and turn your imagination into reality.

Sinopsis of the game tells us that "World War, caused by the invasion of the powerful of the powerful hegemonist nation called Solarus, was stopped by the intervention of the Republic of Flaric and its allies. In the end, Solarus agreed to stop the war, using nuclear weapons to protect his territory from the invasion forces.

Subsequently, a supranational united government called U was created.N.I.T.E. for the constant prevention of global conflicts and the promotion of the development and the world of mankind. The restoration of destroyed cities and the revival of the economy began, and Jamie from the Chronax provided a huge number of materials to eliminate pollution from nuclear and chemical weapons, strengthening its position and turning the chronax into a global society.

Once a video about a person with supername, posted on social networks, attracted the attention of the UNITE government. Realizing that people with superpowers exist, it took on a project that was engaged in the former secret intelligence agency Flavius, appointing the Chronax Corporation as a partner company. Dr. Lim, led by Chronax, demonstrated that the use of fallen heavenly fragments and particles contained in them is the key to obtaining superpowers during the study. At the end of the study, people with super -resistances were officially represented by the world and are called non -nonsense, a new type of people".

At the moment, the launch window has not been announced, and it is only known that the Project XT will go to the PC. Blackstorm is aimed at a global release.