More than 2.5 years have passed since the Squad game has come out of early access, and it is still popular. However, the developers considered that it was time to fix one of the flaws of early access. The result of this will be great changes in the collisions of infantry in Squad.

As stated in a big message on the official website of the game, Offworld Industries sought to create a realistic and exciting shooter in which players’ cooperation is the key to victory. At the same time, they had to continue the traditions of the popular Project Reality fashion for the game Battlefield 2, on the basis of which Project was created

The catch is that in the process of developing the game, developers succumbed to modern "Shooter trends", which somewhat distorted their vision.

  • During early access, changes were made, encouraging individual actions and "Instant rewards" for participants in clashes.
  • This led to "erosion" the initial concept, which led to the situation when one good player from the flank was enough to disable the whole team. Thus, according to the developers, this to some extent prevents the coordination of actions with the allies.

Therefore, the developers had to work hard to return to the origins of Squad. After analyzing the behavior of players and internal testing, changes were developed aimed at improving teamwork, lengthening clashes and providing beginners with more affordable gameplay. At the same time, they are designed to make a game more intense moments:

In general, our vision of the combat system in Squad involves the transition to improved teamwork and cooperation, longer and more strategic clashes and more affordable experience for players. We expect it to radically change how they play Squad. The advantages will be far -reaching, contributing to the greater involvement of the players and more dynamic and memorable moments, which will ultimately fix the position of the best multi -user shooter from the first person, which is based on teamwork and strategic thinking".

How exactly the developers intend to achieve this goal? The post in detail describes the most important changes.

  • Firstly, Offworld, the player mobility. The characters will not only move and recover more slowly, but also lose access to "ninja movements", such as climbing or catching the edges during the flight by air. In addition, falls from a great height will be more painful, although the damage from them will also become more "predictable".
  • Secondly, barrage fire will be more strongly influenced by players. The system will receive a visual reconstruction, which will complicate the determination of the distance and aiming, while each weapon will have its own coefficient "parrying" enemy. It will also allow new players to help the team.
  • Thirdly, all weapons will be processed from scratch so that the skirmishes do not end after one or two shots. This will be accompanied, among other things, changes with more "sophisticated" the return and weakening of accurate aiming (although, in turn, the bullets will always fly to where you are directing them). As if by the way, this will allow new players to stay alive longer.

In addition, there are minor, but significant changes, for example, with sights (increased increase, but also a greater restriction of the field of view). The developers want to give players the opportunity to test these modifications in the uncertain future, although they are not going to rush with the introduction of innovations. We hope to learn more about this in the near future.

Most players seem to be intrigued by the ideas of developers, although there are also separate critical comments, mainly relating to the restrictions of mobility. Nevertheless, even most players who will miss "Parkura on city maps", It is believed that the slowdown in the gameplay will benefit Squad.

Of course, with a certain reservation, it all depends on the details of the implementation of these systems. Some fans also expressed the hope that the scale of the changes will not turn into a ton of new bugs.