The creators of Sons of the Forest regularly release updates for their game. The last of them – under number 14 – introduces, in particular, new types of protection against enemies, a more magnificent fauna and a number of minor improvements.

In fairness, it is worth noting that this time he does not make significant changes to the game. Instead, the main attention is paid to eliminating errors and adding small corrections of the gameplay. However, this does not mean that there were no new opportunities in the game. Here are the most important of them:

  • Four new types of arrows are added: incendiary, poisonous, explosive and electric. For your good, it is better not to play Rambo with explosive arrows next to your base;
  • An additional small cave appeared;
  • Three new drawings for traps are added to the game;
  • There was an opportunity to build a rack on which you can store spears;
  • There was an opportunity to build a double bed;
  • If you see a lack of diversity among cannibals, do not worry – another charming creature in the form of Igor has entered the game;
  • The villages of cannibals now look more diverse;
  • Deer and turtles became easier to meet after the update;
  • The tarp is now reacts to gusts of wind.

A full list of changes can be found here.

At the entrance to the game, it turns out that the next update will debut after 20 days and 16 hours. Thus, it should be expected on December 1.

If you see a lack of diversity among cannibals, do not worry – another charming creature in the form of Igor has entered the game;

For everyone who is interested in a complete list of changes to us this moment.

Patch 14 – improvements for arrows, new drawings, new cave and much more

This patch adds a new small cave along with the penultimate. accessible item. We also added the opportunity to create explosive, fiery, shock and poisoned arrows. Along with this, 5 new drawings appeared in the world that can be found, and 2 new structures have been added to the book.

We also added several new ways to obtain notes about history and the ability to view previously collected notes using a stack stored in the inventory. Also, many new attractions and places of gathering have been added to the map, as well as new details and jewelry added to many cannibal villages in the world.

Finally, we added a new type of cannibals, Igor, and corrected the AI ​​of muddy cannibals, so now they will give priority for food, not an attack, and also corrected and improved a bunch of other things listed below.

As always, please continue to publish your error messages and reviews in the discussion section of Community Hube.

Added types of arrows that can be made: fiery, shock, poisonous and explosives

A new small cave was added to the card

Another added. Available item

Now you can view all the notes that you will find around the world, using the element "Page group" in inventory

3 new traps for drawings that can be found, and 2 other drawings, which can be found

Added a collapse for a spear

Added a team of double bed

Added new type of cannibal "Igor"

Several new options for selection of notes have been added

Added new decorative magazines and books

Added new craft animation to create GPS trackers

Added many new details, pickups and environment parts on World

Added various details for many cannibal villages

3 ice caves are expanded and detailed

New facial deformations have been added to some persons of cannibals

Added new pickups draped with tarpaulin on some stumps and skeletons in the world

Maddy will now gather to pray to their own images, which were added to various places around the world, and now they will give preference to food before everything else

Cannibals with leather masks or bags on the heads of now more excited animation in standby mode

Tactical onions, which are inaction, can now be directed a little further down, bringing it into line with the onioned animation of the idle stroke

When you hold the onion and charge the lighter, the lighter will no longer swim through the air to the player’s hand

Candacial men with overweight now have an alternative combustion animation that corrects the error due to which they moved from the position of lying to the position of standing

Animation "Heavy cannibals drink water" was removed in such a way that their stick was in the right position in the hand

Added more deer and land turtles on the far side of the map

The twins have now a reaction to electric shock

When the player takes off the skin from dead animals, other players will now see a knife and a pick in their hands

Improved appearance of terrible masks of Virginia and damp demon

Improved Albedo Fisherman’s huts

Different pickups were transformed to use more productive primitives of collider

Improved appearance and details of many pages with notes to history

Additional fog in the mountains has been added and additional details of the fog on the far side of the card have been added

Support for the status of poisoned for characters has been added, they will lose health and energy, and sometimes get injured and stop attacking with poisoning, and multiple effects of poisoning will also accumulate

Arrows breaking a part of the armor will be attached to the enemy, and not fall off

Items dropped during the murder of the character should now maintain these copies of the subject, if any

Cannibals carrying a torch now drop their torch at death

Improved problems with damage to cannibals with electric shock on trees, and not with their fall

When the client is divided by the dead body, the limbs now appear in the position in which they see them

They removed the killer whales from some too shallow areas and corrected the visual problem with their jump

Filled a large lake on the far side of the mountain with fish

The appearance of cyclic arrow on the bow has been improved, the arrow stopped blinking when switching to the next arrow

Improved the work of elements held by backlight

Added some randomization of the rebounds from the tarpaulin

When dismantling a knight V, now you will re -equip your previous weapon

Improved appearance of an advertising shield from a conventional juniper

Total shooting at a large distance is added when the advertising shields are disconnected / turned on

Added wind effect for placed tarpaulins

Added some vegetation for the grid of rocks and mountains

Added pipes and droppers in the bunker food corridor

Some small changes in the environment and updates for new attractions

Improved layout of the lake parts

The entrance to the entertainment bunker is adjusted so that at the entrance for a moment do not get stuck in the rock

Albedo Duba map is adjusted to better combine with the environment

Reduced damage from a children’s attack from 15 to 10

Animation for a player returning his backpack after death was accelerated and reduced

When interrupting sleep, players will now sometimes discover several enemies nearby

Cannibals in masks will sometimes be out of breath

The effect of the status of fire on the dead body now burns it to the bones (for example, fiery arrows or torch).

When Maddy eat, this reduces their anger and increases the likelihood that they will ignore the player, and now they are more likely to be distracted by food during the fight

Install the number of breaks equal to 10 for a dead stump (thus, one blow breaks)

Fixed the return of severed limbs in dead bodies after loading the game

Fixed a mistake due to which placing a severed head on a stick could violate the actions of other players

Fixed an error with an index massif in a multiplayer game when a player equips his third modified weapon

Fixed locking and unlocking of the doors in the bases of players without updating the navigation schedule, as well as some missing doors settings are fixed

Some cases have been fixed when navigation links from bases to terrain were not updated, and the accuracy of checking navigation links has been improved

Fixed a mistake in which the stone beam did not update the navigation incision when it was finished or partially dismantled

Fixed a navigation error on inclined beams, at which the scale was incorrectly used

Fixed some problems with the navigation by ramp, due to which segments were incorrectly tied

Fixed incorrect decline in trees in multiplayer when destroyed by explosives

Fixed that falling trees did not cause damage to multiplayer clients

Fixed that the rise of the twins from the ground did not end immediately after receiving a warning, and the rise from the floor of the bunker was disconnected

Fixed an error leading to the death of cannibal with re -banging

Fixed some ordinary types of cannibals that always shone in the dark

Fixed a mistake due to which some notes were closed with a thumb when holding

Fixed the type of alpha on newspaper clippings

Fixed a mistake due to which ordinary images when viewing email looked like block

Fixed that it was difficult to see a spear when looking at the limbs

Fixed the placement near the top destroying the neighboring beam supported by the top

The wrong option for placing the railing on the deck was fixed when, when aiming at the entire wall without a beam, a log board was held from above

Fixed that the enemy in a golden mask did not show the mask

He removed the animation of reloading the pistol from the schedule of the animation of the onions and forbade it to try to perform the animation of reloading if the lighter was also equipped

Fixed an error due to which notifications of messages on the left side of the screen were displayed incorrectly if there was already an active notification on the screen

Fixed some visual instability when large animals or enemies turn on the slopes of the area

Fixed the appearance of some snags on the beach after destruction

Fixed a mistake in which the player fell, holding the bow, which led to twitching the camera and animation

Fixed a case when damaged beams could interfere with the laying of the floor boards

Fixed structures attached to the beams swim if the pillars supporting them are cut off

The case was fixed when the placement of a grounded beam near the hill led to the fact that the beam was in a broken state

Fixed the user interface of the bridge cable that did not become red after reaching the maximum distance without touching the structure

Fixed that the dismantling of a standing fire did not work

Fixed that the Lod1 fishing huts used inappropriate material with support for occlusion

Fixed with snow, sometimes appearing in fishing huts / snowy house when viewing upwards

Fixed the poor condition of the player when opening the inventory during the equipment of the book or the use of a shovel

Fixed that the radio stations in the multiplayer in some cases were not reproduced synchronously or were not reproduced at all

Fixed that the explosion of propane burners did not synchronize properly in the multiplayer

Fixed traps that did not work at the first frame in the multiplayer

Fixed visual problems with animation when using consumables from the world

Fixed the menu buttons, the background with the hologram and the text on the screen of the final death, displayed in the form of squares in some languages

Fixed incorrect scaling of the death screen depending on the resolution

Fixed the localization of the death screen

Fixed that the user interface with information about the product of inventory was sometimes not disconnected when entering the cursor on the buttons, which also had elements of the user interface

Fixed leaks in the memory of materials in the book / inventory

Fixed visual jumping out of aloe leaves, arrow -shaped sheet and sprawling phlox in some cases

Fixed incorrect movement of water / flows

Fixed a mistake due to which volumes with some density were rejected

Fixed a phlox recording error with impaired spreading

Fixed visible gap in the Lods section Streams

Sound is added when it has been on large heaps of gloomy blood

Added a new event collection event

Added an event to hit a swinging lantern

Transferred "Kirki sting" In the musical category

Added an event for a weapon affecting the hanging baked blood

Added an event "Jumping"

Added a forced shutdown of SFX sound with an active 3D-sound lock