Diablo 4 developers published a description of update 1.2.2, in which 5 new plague rings will be added – 1 for each class, add improvements to the blood season, as well as correct all known problems. The update exit is scheduled for November 7.

Changes in the gameplay

Plague rings

Five new unique rings have been added to the game, one for each class. Their effects are based on popular plague forces from the plague season, and these rings will be immediately available in seasonal and eternal game worlds.

  • Ring of scarlet rage (unique ring for barbarus) when you spend 100. rage in 3 seconds., Your next “Hammer of the Ancients”, “Earth’s Ambassador” or “Deadly Blow” is guaranteed to inflict critical damage, increased by 10-30% (multiplier damage) (x)
  • The iridescent ring of Tal Rashi (a unique ring for the wizard) when you inflict damage in different elements, your damage increases by 10-15% (x) by 4 seconds. For every element. When applying damage from the elements, the bonus action is updated.
  • The unshakable will of Iridis (a unique ring for a druid) when you use a powerful skill, and then use it again in 5 seconds., You attract remote opponents to yourself and apply them 0.5–1 e. physical damage. This damage increases by 1%(x) for each unit of willpower of the hero.
  • Truck Rodkach’s twin ring (a unique ring for a robber) The skill of the “tricks” category creates a traffic trap, which continuously provokes and lures opponents. Prime trap explodes after 3 seconds., Approaching 2-3 units. Damage from dark magic. The effect works no more than once in 12 seconds.
  • Ring of the blasphemy spirit (a unique ring for a necromancer)
    You automatically apply the following selected skills to the nearest corpses: “Single Call” once every 1-2 seconds.
    “Corpse explosion” once every 1-2 seconds.
    “Cadaveric tentacles” once every 8–16 sec.

Developer commentary: Creating plague rings, we wanted to keep in the game popular seasonal content that liked the players and add it to the eternal game world.