Christopher Robin fell into trouble, and you have to save him! But this is not the trouble that can be expected from the most famous fairy tale A.A. Milna. Something happened to the Stoacro forest-he was distorted by some unknown cosmic power, and now Christopher Robin threatens "Fate that is even scary to imagine" in a terrifying world.

Hundred Acre Wood is "first -person adventure", Which promises in the style of Lovecraft to look at the world filled with guffalumps, universities and such treasured characters as IA, rabbit, owl, kenga and, of course, Piglet and Winnie-Pooh, but not one of them is the way we remember him.

"Run, hide, move on the platforms, solve puzzles and shoot, exploring the areas of the stoacer forest in any order", – It is said on the Steam page. "Do everything possible to avoid Winnie the Pooh, making your way past hostile creatures hiding in the dark. Discover the ruins of the once innocent children’s shelter and reveal the ancient secrets hinting at reality, inaccessible to human understanding".

The bloody Lovecraft Horror, based on the beloved children’s fairy tale, became possible thanks to American copyright law. Original "Winnie the Pooh" A.A. Milna was first published in 1926 and moved to the public treasure on January 1, 2022, which means that the text and characters contained in it are practically free for everyone who can come with them at their discretion. So we got, for example, "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey" Indie film in the style of slasher, released at the beginning of this year.

But the stories and characters that were published later remain related copyright. That’s why there are no tigers in "The forest is a hundred acres", Despite the fact that he is such a famous character: he appeared only in 1928, so it will become a public property only on January 1, 2024. Disney also owns the rights to the trademark regarding his interpretation of the characters, so the Bear Winnie the Pooh in a public domain has an old-fashioned appearance, and not a stylized version in a red shirt, which is familiar with Disney cartoons.